Seeing Other Things…

As we travel down this road called fishing, we come across all kinds of things, beings, and thoughts we would have not otherwise come across, at least not intentionally. I was inspired by Lee’s recent entry about taking the hike with his father, reading about father & son walking the same path, and while there probably is a large overlap, each observing intensely at different things. I should spend more time to look closer at the beautiful things around me when I fish, beautiful other than fish. A local forest preserve park or some far away creek that hasn’t been touched by people in a long while – there is always something to appreciate in nature and the creatures that live in it. I will make it a point to look up more from the water, next time I fish.


  1. I get more "ooohhhs" and "aaaahhhs" from people for the pictures I took that is not related to fish. I guess we tend to take our surroundings for granted while we fish. Thanks for reminding me.