Cruising with Captain B.

My friend Captain B recently purchased a fishing boat so we took her out for a spin on a small lake in Wisconsin. Both of us were pretty synched up to be fishing on his new boat and started the day early. The fishing was good but could have been a lot better if it wasn’t for the crazy hot weather we are experiencing globally. A lot of bass, lots of good conversations, and a promise to take the boat out again soon. Congratulations on your new ride Captain B!

BTW - I have heard that bananas on boat is bad luck, but I heard this in Hawaii so I'm not sure if this is a Hawaiian thing or universally bad luck. Does anyone know? We didn't take any bananas on board, just in case.


  1. David, needs to hold the fish more a part from his body. The fish looks so small ha ha ha.

  2. David,

    It has been a while, I seen you. Congratulations on your new water vehicle. It looks great with you. And it looks also good with you and Yoonho together.

  3. Nice boat... Bring it with you when you come to visit Korea next time, David.