Seeking Advice


Planning on going to the Hudson River Gorge this weekend which is known for its remote wilderness setting in Adirondack but the place is also well known for it's commercial whitewater rafting with help of timed water release (10am to 12pm) from a dam. Getting conflicting information on trout habitat. The most of commercial outfit claims that it is prime trout habitat. But some locals say that due to heavy water release for rafters, it tends to wipe out the thermal refugia during the summer season which drives the trout population away from the area but small mouths are thriving. Just in case the locals are right, I want to prepare for smallies but never fished for smallies in running water. Any suggestion for fly selection for smallies? and methods?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


  1. clouser minnows. walts poppers if you can get them.

  2. I guess methods will be similar as you will in still water? Thanks for your tip.

  3. check this out. don't just yank up. come tight with the line and give him time to eat it.


  4. I love smallies. I loved catching them up at your place at Lake George Charles. Can't wait to see your photos, have fun!