looking for big mama & finding her.

Fishing was so good yesterday I went out to the Grove again this morning, this time with bigger flies. I was looking for big mama and I found her. There are muskies at the Grove so I threw some muskie flies but did not hook up with one. I hope to hook into one this fall up at Hayward. The inflatable boat there is what I want to buy someday.


  1. It all looks so home. It looks like bass and bluegill has a party for you. I hope you had a good trip this summer.

  2. 내가 형에게 이번 여름에 여러가지로 고맙고 감사하지..같이 보낸 여름 진짜 재미 있었고 뜻깊었어. Thanks 형.

  3. those bass are nice for the grove!