Fishing and Friendship

My east coast fishing buddies came up to our cabin to fish for the weekend. Since I was responsible to find fishing ground, I spent good amount of time prior to the trip to figure out where to go. Since the water level is all time low in Catskills and Adirondack areas, I tried to find a river with plenty of tributaries for added water and cooler temperature so we decided to give the Bouquet River a try. The river is a trubutary river to the Lake Champlain which offers the best landlocked salmon run int the region and trout are heavily stocked by the state.

We started to fish the lower section near the lake and decided to work our way up to upper section which has plenty of tributary waters and also known for it's wild brookies. The lower section was surprisingly low and clear. We tried every spots we can find but only spotted one trout and could not catch anything.

I felt horrible as none of us were catching. I brought all these people up here and we were about to get skunked. Even though my friends were enjoying the whole experience, I really wanted them to have something to show for at the end of the day.
With determination to catch, we decided to bypass all other access and head straight to the upper section where known to have brookie habitats. With a little of hike from where we parked, and Boom! We hit the jackpot. We found a section where all of us start catching brookies and some wild browns mixed in. Seeing my friend smile with those fish really made my day.

To finish off the trip, we went out on Kayaking at the Garnet Lake the next day. As much as I appreciate solitude fishing, it was good to be with people who have the love for the sport.


  1. Charles,
    Great blog and great pics! Thanks again for a great weekend of guided fishing and kayaking!!! Can't wait to go back upstate for some more fish!

  2. Looks like a great trip Charles! So refreshing to see this after landing back from China today.