against all odds

A cold front hit our area pretty hard this weekend. Forecasted to go down to 17 degree in Adirondack so I went up to our cabin to winterize the cabin.

There were already ankle deep of snow everywhere. Upon arrival at the cabin I've started to winterize the house. While working, I began to calculate the odd of fishing condition.

Temperture: Really cold (sudden drop of 30 degree)
Snow melt: is pouring into streams making it colder than usual and running high in volume
Weather: a storm is brewing (barometric pressure is buillding)

Everything I've learned about the fishing condition told me it is not a optimal (at all) fishing condition.

Howerver, I found myself at a creek staring down at my fly and hoping to see a trout or two with it but the result was ovbious.

Personally and professionally, I consider myself as a pretty good odd calculator but when it comes to fishing, I never go by what my odds are. I guess either I'm still a beginner or the fishing brings out the stupid in me.


  1. I know what you mean Charles. Oh boy, I remember my July trip to Truckee (10 hours round trip). All I remember was a good Italian dinner in town.

  2. I didn't realize that the storm in the Northeast was so serious and deadly...I just caught up with news.

  3. 갑작스런 기상이변으로
    눈이 발목까지 빠질 정도로 내렸다니
    많이 불편하셨겠네요.

    낚시에도 많은 지장이 있을꺼고,
    또 겨울이 시작되니 이런저런 일로

    그래도 계곡은 아직 얼지 않은 것 같아

  4. 다행히 겁만주고 지나가버렸어요. 겨울이 오면 일년 내내 가지않은 장소에 가볼려구요...