fishing in pajamas...

Couple of weeks ago, I took the family north to a rented lake house in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Waking up late, rowing around without any destination in particular, and "build campfire" as the only planned activity for the day was nice. Sometimes, not fishing myself allows me to see clearly the things I cherish most in my life. Should've kept myself from eating so many s'mores...


  1. looks like great holiday with the guys(and gal). I never made it to the UP in the time I lived there. pretty sad.

  2. Oh man! Boys are so big now. The younger one looks just like you. I look forward to bring my family out to fishing again when my daughter is a littler older.

  3. 자식을 꾸짖는 말과 매로 가르치기보다
    이렇게 멋진 곳에서
    아이들과 오손도손 캠핑도하고
    낚시를 하다보면
    아이들의 가슴속엔 아빠에대한
    믿음과 사랑이 자연스럽게 생기게 됩니다.

    우리들의 인생은 이런 삶이 되어야하고
    그 속에서 행복을 느낄 수 있어야 한다고


  4. Haha,
    the thing I want to say is just same as Jonathan. Your kids look just like you.
    By the way, any plan for Seoul?? Maybe next spring meet you guys in Seoul.

  5. It was warm spending time with the family, easy days.. just relaxing. Hopefully I'll get to squeeze one more in before full winter.

    I'll be more in Korea during next spring, let's work on dates Hank. BTW have you ever fished around the Cijiawan River or Gaoshan River?

  6. Where are the Cijiawan River or Gaoshan River??
    I guess I have never fished there.
    I think April is great.

  7. Hank - I think they are rivers in Taiwan with Masu (Taiwan Trout). I was reading about them in this article:,10755

    Say Hi to Caddis & Wesley for me.

  8. Yoon Ho,
    now I know where these two river are.
    These two river are natural habitat for the only native trout in Taiwan.
    This native trout looks like very similar to cherry trout. Wesley told me their gene are 99% the same.
    This kind of trout is totally conserved, their habitats are also conserved. So no one can fish there.

  9. Hank, take me there and just leave me there...and pick me up in 2 days. I promise I will not do any fishing ;-)