Yosemite Trip:

I've been thinking about for a long time and finally made a trip to Yosemite area for fishing past weekend. After a hard trip (No fish) to Truckee in July, I decided to hire a guide this time who is specialized in Yosemite area. My guide and I communicated for a week and made a decision to go to Merced River which runs right through Yosemite. I left the house at 4:00 AM and arrived in the area around 8:00 AM. We meet at 10:00 AM at meeting spot and started the day of fishing right away. The guide seemed knows a lot about the area and took me around different spots as accurately as possible relative to time of the day. It was a slow start, but as day goes by I was able to meet number of large rainbows and unfortunately missed a few good size browns. We folded our rods and walked out of the water around 5:45 PM. In the morning, I left the house assuming that I will sleep over in the area and return home next day; but with the good day of fishing, I had much energy left over to return home same day safely. It was one great trip to remember.


  1. Welcome back! Thought you disappeared for good. :) It's good to see you with fish in your hand.

  2. 형, 멋있다. 다음에 같이 가자.

  3. awesome! glad you got out there! next time lets go up to Mount Shasta.

  4. wow... 드디어 그곳에 다녀왔군요.
    그곳의 산, 계곡, 물고기 많은 것이
    궁금한데. 이렇게 조행기를 보니
    더욱 가보고 싶네요...ㅎㅎ

    송어, 브라운 ....

    멋진 조행기 잘 봤습니다.

  5. I can't write in Korean at the moment. Yeah, I went and it was really exciting place to fish. There are good number of large rainbows in the water and they are super strong: I almost couldn't hold the rod when they were trying to run. And the water was more like Korea, slow in the wider part of section and fast in narrow. Compare to Truckee's fast high water, it was much more enjoyable. I can't wait to go there again sometime.

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