I miss Chicago!

One year ago today I caught my last lake run brown......
Everybody deserves to get at least one.....


  1. I'm sure Chicago misses you too! If I run into one of them browns, I'll send them your regards.

  2. I'm still working on it. At least in my local water.

  3. That is one large brown you got there. I wonder if there is river in this side of country brown runs.

    Charles, are you guys OK with snow? Even if I heard many times about the heavy now over that side, I didn't believe it until today.

  4. We got dumped on but melted right away. Too early for this time of the year... Thanks for asking.

  5. no browns but Wild and beautiful Bows. Try russian river. and rivers north. with those things timing and patience is everything

  6. mrlee, we should get together... I am in HK right now and heading back to Seoul. Let's go fishing together. Brown or no brown. We go.

  7. I'm free every weekend but 19th and 20. I'd love to!

  8. wow .... fantastic.

    I'm going fishing on Saturday, but
    the weather forecast calls for rain on Saturday.

    and there's a family event next saturday.

    That's too bad.
    I'm so sorry mrlee....

    Would you be free anytime during the week?

  9. Joon, I like fishing in the rain. I would like to go if you can take me.