Coke from Mexico:

I can't remember I had this before, but when I was in Yosemite with a guide he bought me a coke bottled in Mexico made with natural cane sugar. After hours of hot sun beating on my body, it was so refreshing.


  1. 형 - 난 이런 post 들이 제일 좋더라. 그렇게 낚시하고 시원한 콜라 한잔 마시면 진짜 시원할것 같아.

    그전에 우리 지수리에서 무지하게 덥던게 생각난다. 나 빤스만 입고 낚시 하던날...ㅋㅋ 형이 나땜에 챙피해서 나보고 물에서 나오지 말라고 하던것 기억나...그렇더니 저기 멀리 서 있던것. 혹시라도 누가 보면 모르는척 할수 있는 거리. 그립다, 그런 날들이.

  2. Talking about hot weather fishing, I remember when we were fishing in Taiwan. I think, you went into the water there too. I am sure we will have more of that stories coming in the future. Like we talked about before, we should log all those funny fishing trip stories and make a little booklet.

  3. when you are driving through a place in mexico and buy one they put it into a plastic bag and tie the top so they can keep the deposit on the bottle.