flyfishing report from hokkaido(2)

I got a flyfishing tour to japan with my friends.
Their name is mr Takahara, mr Bae, mr Godo.

We caught the miyabeiwana(dollyvarden) , sakuramasu,
and rainbow from the lake, The name of the lake is "sikkaribetsco".
Miyabeiwana lives there only, One place in the world.
miyabeiwana is very rare in the world.

there were about 30 fly and lure fisher, but Most of them did not catch.
we caught miyabeiwana, so we were lucky.
the day, guide is mr Sawada, he is the best guide in hokkaido.

and we caught many fish at river.
chum salmon, rainbow, amemasu....

It was very cold day at the lake, but the weather is generally good.
so I enjoyed the nature of Hokkaido.

there are many fishing friends in japan.
On this trip, I received a lot of help from friends.
Have a nice meal at good place and also had a lot of fun talking.
They are good friends.
Their name is flyfishing guide mr Simoyama,
hospital director mr Sato, computer programmer mr Watanabe,
sapporo tourist association president mr Hosino,
flyfishing shop dollyvarden manager mr Goue,
and good caster mr Mijoi who is most famous people in japan.
thanks to them, it was a good trip.

front of the Hokkaido central region Sinttokkeu staition.
mr dakahara, mr bae, mr joon

hokkaido rainbow

Sikaribetcheuko River

Sikaribetcheuko River rainbow trout

Breakfast with korea Shinramyun

Piled snow

Buy License and boat rental

I met mr hosino, he is President of Sapporo Tourist Association.

a group photo of members


mr godo caught a miyabeiwana.

he was lucky man that day, why we did not

beautiful sights of sikkaribetsco


this is a miyabeiwana. only here in the world.

very beautiful fish...

The evening meal is yamane Fry.

it was so delicious.....


  1. 여유롭게 다니시는 모습이 너무 좋습니다. 저는 중국가는 중인데, 서울에서 환승하면서 켜보니, 멋진 사진들이 많네요. 긴 비행후 내려서 이런 사진 보는게, 너무 상쾌하고 좋습니다. 같이 가지는 못했지만, 사진으로, report 으로 보는 여행, 기분 좋습니다. 20일날 저녁에 서울에 와서 일요일 까지 있을 예정이니, 그때 시간 되시면 뵈요.

    Hojaido is such a special place. I'll join you next time. Thanks for the report and great photos.

  2. is it not allowed to use the motor on this lake? that is very good...

  3. yes, mrlee.
    There's a strict rule.
    fisherman can not use a motor boat.
    When you have time,
    we go fishing together.

    Did you come back to Korea?

  4. Yes i am back in Seoul and enjoying the nice weather this Fall season!

  5. Great trip photos! I would love to make another trip to Hokido with great friends again sometime near soon. Joon, I hope you enjoyed the trip with guys. I am back in US now. The weather is still nice and warm here. I am hopping to get out too before it gets cold in the mountain. I will share some photos soon.