The golden light of Autumn

Fall is the "Golden Time" for fishing. Warm cloudless afternoons that melt into cool nights. The last two weeks of September were spent visiting old haunts and soaking it in with new friends. Something about Fall just makes you slow down a bit and take in the sunshine before it disappears for the winter.
Late afternnon BBQ on the Colorado river...

Standing on the old bridge, drinking beer, and watching for a rise....

Colorado River Bow.....

With Danimal on the boardwalk...

Fishing the still afternoon pond..

"Boiling" at dusk.......

Deep in Eldorado canyon looking for Gold..

Found some....

Enjoying the evening from another view..


  1. Dude, you still in Colorado? Awesome post! Will be gone next week but will be back.^^

  2. I'm back in Korea but Joon inspired me with his beautiful pictures of Hokkaido and I felt lazy about not having posted since you guys visited. Can't wait for you and Patty to come meet us next summer

  3. Mrlee !
    your picture is great.

    On a huge scale, Natural environment is different,
    so I was always surprised.
    Really beautiful and It's interesting.

    very nice....

  4. keep that beardo out of the pics and you'll be alright. good seeing you guys. keep up the posts

  5. Definitely!!! Will try to get out to Korea before the summer.

  6. man I needed to see these photos...while I love some things about China, having zero access to blogger is not one of them. After a weeklong staring at the factory line and too many people all around me, my eyes (and soul) feel relief right now...

  7. how the fishing up there John? Good to hear from you. Hope all is well with your new career.

  8. Nice nature images mrlee. I was in Korea last month. I hope we can meet up again soon for fishing and soju.

  9. when do you come back? can't wait to see you again.