Matthew Awalt - an American fly fisherman in South Korea.

Matthew is the guy I saw camping out in a one man tent on the DukPoong Valley creek. I was happy to see his site launched. He is an American freelance writer living in South Korea and a highly experienced fly fisherman. His site has a great summary of what to bring to fly fish in Korea, as well as summary of the target species. He is a friend of James Card, and in many ways continuing and evolving the spirit of what James did in Korea. Check out more about Matthew and his fishing adventures at:

Beautiful site Matthew! Looking forward to following your adventures.


  1. you need to find mr. lee he's one of the good guys

  2. I remember your post about Matthew while back. I guess there is something about streams in Korea that attracts these fishermen...

  3. He said he's doing pretty detailed research on 3 KangWon streams, valuable & useful stuff, especially for fishermen. It would be good to support him when we have the chance.