Good old neighborhood creek:

Past Saturday, I visited the creek near by my house. Maybe becasue of the cooler weather, much smaller ones are the one that was greeting me. When I was at the only deeper part of the wather in the creek, I was able to finally meet slightly larger one with the nymphing.


  1. beautiful fall day. beautiful photos. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Love the colors! We are travelling through southern California as I type this and I see the shifting of colors everywhere. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Wow, you guys are heading west. I am sorry that I can't meet you guys this time, but we will soon. I will soon invite to CA for great fishing. Have a great Thanksgiving travel.

  4. good old neighborhood creeks....hope to meet you next month!

  5. 수북이 쌓인 낙엽이며
    자그마한 산천어를 보니
    그곳 계곡의 풍경이 꼭 한국의
    계곡같아 아주 정감이 갑니다.

    그리고 사진도 아주 이쁘게
    잘 찍었네요...ㅎㅎ

  6. I am so glad that there is such a creek near by. Like joon said, the creek does feels like Korea's small creek.