big lenok are here

Nice to see all the Korean sites posting bigger lenok. This one was caught by our friend GoDo. Winter nymphing always produces the largest lenok, just need to find open waters and be ready to brave the harsh winter in KangWon.

Below photos: South Korean lenok (photos from other sites: Spiderfly, Princefly, Trutta and others).


  1. It looks like really big!!
    How big this one?
    Now I have to plan a winter trip to Seoul....

  2. Hi Hank. They never get as big as the ones in Mongolia or steelhead in USA, but they get big enough to make it worth the pursuit. Also the fact that South Korea is the most southern point to catch these fish makes it unique. I find their color, patterns very beautiful in an understated way. BTW - the government is discussing an all out ban on fishing for lenok now (which I think is the wrong way) so you might have to hurry to catch these fish.

    I loaded some additional photos I gathered from other sites (spiderfly, princefly, among others) that show about the size they grow to. over 50cm is considered good size.

  3. We have the same problem here. Some local governments want to all out ban on fishing in local river or stream and use conservation as a excuse. I totally agree with conservation, but all out ban is not the right choice. What we all need is a better or proper fishing regulation. And that is what Wesley keep striking for!! But still have a long way to go...

    BTW, the habitat of lenok the cherry is quite similar, so ban fishing for lenok is also means you can't fish in trout stream in south Korea anymore? Or how could I know on the end of my line is a lenok or a cherry??
    Sincerely hope this won't happen...

  4. They usually live is different streams so you won't have that problem.