hey look, we have a open day!

Hey guys! looks like sat is gonna be a break from the rain. Do you think:

1) there are any creeks that's worth trying? 비가 오긴 왔어도, 혹시 가능한 계곡이 있을까요? 긍정적인 마인드를 최대한 발휘하고 있는 중입니다.

2) hit the bass? Low waters made bass fishing poor last time but perhaps it's better now? I'll call the bass boat guy to check. 배스나 때리던지요.

3) give up and meet somewhere and get trashed on tequila and talk about how we wished we were fishing? 술이나 때리던지요.


  1. bass and tequila. same time. Looks like Friday is not to bad and Saturday is partly sunny

  2. I'm checking with the bass boat dudes now, will let you know situation in the afternoon.

  3. My sprit will be with you guys. Have a great time. I am finally going to try to make a trip to Truckee. I will update the trip story with you guys.

  4. just a moment ago,
    mr Bae just called from taegu in Gyeongsang provinces,
    and told me about good fishing point for skygager(big size, about 70cm - 100cm)

    so i'm thinking now....
    trying to decide where to go with Tequila...ㅋㅋ

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  6. joon - I can't wait to catch a 1meter 강준치. We'll be waiting to hear back from Mr. Bae.

    I called the bass guy and he said the water is pretty tainted, but there are some fishing. Didn't sound too encouraging. Our other option is to try a wider creek we know or the fishing ponds. There is one place with a creek that feeds into it with trout.

  7. Hey guys,
    there will be a pan Asian fly fishing conclave next Sept. in Malaysia.
    Are you guys interested in?
    It includes fly tying and casting workshop, also FFF MCI and CCI test.
    Just like the workshop I joined this June, but the size next Sept. is much much bigger.

    Take care you guys


  8. Hi Hank, I am interested, can you send the link to some details? Are you planning to attend?

  9. Hi YoonHo,
    I am planning to attend,maybe just for the conclave, or maybe concentrate for the MCI test.
    How about I give your email address to one of my friend, Ling,in Malaysia, and I can ask him to send the detail to you directly?
    I think you guys should be there, it is so much.

  10. Forgot to ask you, do you or does Jonathan use "what's app" on your cell phone?
    If you guys do, maybe you can send me your cell phone number by email than I can contact you with what's app.