family trip to Eastern Korea

I recently arrived in Seoul and decided to take the kids out fishing in the eastern region of Kangwon-do. My wife had some pre set engagements she could not miss, so my sister went along with us to help me out with kids and take some time off herself. We stayed at the beautiful Caddis Pension ( located at Bupsoochi Valley, SoekCho. The owner is also a fly fisherman who moved here because of fishing, and he has a very comfortable and beautiful place. On the day I arrived, I met with Eunu for lunch. She was guiding a group of reporters from GQ magazine as they were doing an article on fly fishing in Korea in the hobby section. Our friend Dr.Shin (Joon) also came to visit the next day and we had a great seafood lunch near the East Sea and fished the valley together in the afternoon. My sister and kids just fished for creek chubs in front of the lodge and trekked along with me as I caught a few cherry trout. I usually fished the early mornings before everyone got up and managed to get back in time for breakfast. There are several small creeks near the lodge (all within 5-15min drive time) and so this made it easy for me to sneak away in the morning or the afternoon. The weather was warm and because of it, the fishing was best early in the morning. It was great spending time to catch up with my sister on life and to watch the kids have a great time on the creek.


  1. this blow is simply elegant
    really compliments for your work

  2. nice!!!
    say hello to your family for me.

  3. Great family, fishing, food, friends what can you ask for more.

  4. 신박사님 이렇게 사진으로 또 뵙게되서 반갑습니다. 제가 곧 연락드릴게요.

  5. wish you guys were here. Lee, DrShin, and I got together for some tequila and beers at electric shoes. We talked a lot about you guys and how we wished you were here. enjoy the summer guys.

  6. Thank you Capt Rusty Hook! I was looking through your site and interesting mix of entries, very unique mix. Thank you for visiting.

  7. Ya. I'm still feeling that tequila 3 days out. Looks like a great trip and a nice pension. will have to visit with the family if i can.

  8. 함께 식사도 하고
    낚시도 하고
    아주 즐거운 하루였습니다.

    두 아들 참 건강한 모습
    참 보기 좋았고, 귀엽습니다...ㅎㅎ

  9. 조나단님 한국에 오시면
    함께 낚시도 하고,
    막걸리도 한잔 합시다...ㅎㅎ