met in the valley: part 2

good friend, cherry trout & rainbows, good weather...
life is sometimes beautiful.


  1. Looking good guys! I wish I was there.

  2. beautiful day. looks like you had some nice hatches and some nice fish

  3. Thw water level was a little low but otherwise it was a great day. According to Dr.Shin, we should wait to hit this again about two days after 50mm of rain. Since the valley is very deep, it is very sensitive to water levels - always too high or too low.

    조나단형, 우리도 낚시 하면서 형얘기 많이 했어, 같이 있으면 얼마나 좋겠다고. 우리 셋이 다녀 왔을때 정말 좋았는데.곧 그렇게 되기를 바라며.

  4. For a long time I met gone fishing
    and fished with him in the secret valley.
    It was a very interesting day.

    While fishing, we thought Jonathan and mr lee.
    recently I met mr lee and gone fishing at good bar.
    these days mr lee feeling down.
    he said he didn’t have time go to fishing.

    and I was talking about Jonathan, I hope he comes quickly and
    go to fishing together.

  5. Man!
    I wish I was there!!!
    We should arrange a trip in Korea next year,
    to gather each buddy together.

  6. that is my wish Hank, for all of us to get together somewhere to fish together for a few days. Maybe Mongolia.