that goodness that resides in a river

Too often we have come to associate fishing with the fast paced action of a car race. Screaming guitar and fast paced catching action that puts our testosterone driven man skill on display.
Here's a video from a piscatorial brother in the land of the delicate forest flower. No music, no shows of catching bravado; just the sweet song of a plover and the rises of fish to a still evening hatch. I suggest you watch this and then lay down for a rest with visions of tranquility, dimpling like feeding trout, in your mind.


  1. thank you for the video mrlee, you are always somehow providing the right tone at the right time for the rest of the club. Spending time was good and it's even better to think I can hop on a cab and meet you at the two two chicken at the corner near your house.

  2. Your comment made me think. When I am fishing, I am sure I am in the quiet and peaceful place with no loud sound but, there seems loud and fast paced music in my head. I do need to try to get that out of my hard next time I am out there. Thank you!

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