Getting into groove

Patty is getting into groove as not only she enjoys fishing but getting good at it. She's been practicing rollcast for the pocket water recently and we decided to put her skill to the test in no other than the Beaverkill and the Willowemoc.

It wasn't a perfect day for fishing as it pretty much rained on and off the whole day but Patty didn't complain and gave her best effort and her effort got paid off with two beautiful wild browns.

Tia enjoyed her wet yet relaxing day.

One of the local greeted us while we were fishing.


  1. Nice to see all of your family in the water.

  2. you go girl! very nice, a big hug from Seoul.

  3. Right on Patty! You'll start showing him up soon enough

  4. 아주 행복하게 보이네요.
    가족과 함께하는 낚시여행이
    가장 편안하고 즐거운 것 같아요.

    아주 보기 좋아요....ㅎㅎ

  5. Alright! I get to be the Ken of the fishing world!

    신박사님, 예전에는 안갈거 뻔하니까 같이가자고 조르는척 하다가 혼자가곤 했는데 우리 아줌마님 이 손맛을 본후론 눈 부릅뜨고 낚시타령 하니 아주 쪼끔은 짜증이...

  6. ㅎㅎ 저는 오히려 CharlesTheFishFinder님이 부럽네요.
    우리 아줌마는 가자고 해도
    안가서 제가 섭섭한데,
    함께 가면 이곳저곳 아름다운 경치와
    맛있는 것도 많이 먹여주고 싶은데,
    그리고 혼자 다녀서 미안하기도 하고....

    그러니 함께 다니세요.
    아주 보기 좋아요.