I was just happy to meet fish:

After about 20 trips to the shop, local fly shop friend told me about a small creek nearby where I live. I keep thinking to make some big long and fancy weekend trip to Sierra but not thought about going to that small creek. Past weekend realizing that it is going to be take some time to make a long tip, I decided to drive to look for that small creek near by my house. Since there were so many off roads in that mountain area and didn’t have a specific directions, and drove round for awhile, I almostgave up and came backhome.When I approached one small off road with a small picnic area, I saw a small stream running right next. The size of that creek was so tight that my 8’6” #5 rod was just fit to swing. With my experience from this kind of creek and thanks to my fly fishing teacher GF, I was able to throw first cast successfullywith the side casting. With the first cast, I was able to catch about 9” baby rainbow. I was able to catch with the every cast in every pocket of water. I was just happy to meet fish.

There were purple butterflies all over when I walked down to the water (If you look carefully).


  1. 오랜만입니다.
    작은 계곡에서 작은 물고기를
    잡았지만, 그 기분은 아주
    큰것 같네요.

    많이 바쁘신가봐요.

  2. long time no hear. How are things in CA? Glad that you were able to find a honey hole near your house.

  3. thats all thats really needed. a place to lay your line. Those are native bows too! lets go steelheading in the russian river soon.

  4. now that is what you call awesome. great to hear you found a spot. I was worried you might go crazy there without a spot nearby. I'll visit you soon too, let's find some cute rainbows there together.

  5. looks as if you might need to invest in the 000.

  6. Actually, I did get my fishing equipment, but I don't have my 000. I thought I would never need that here. Since I found this spot with small trout, I need to shipping that right over.