Winter: It Ain't All Bad

A River for Christmas from Joel La Follette on Vimeo.

I'm going to need to try my luck for some of these bull trout on the Met. (I could probably due without the music, however.)


  1. damn that’s warm, give me that fuzzy feeling all over. Wood crackling, wolves howling & all. I like it.

    I often imagine that I’ll fish like that, calm and in control. But I never fail to spaz-out when I have a fish on, especially a prize fish like that. Fish on triggers the legs get into the saddle mount position, lips tighten and/or pucker up, and typically followed with some lame comment like “that’s what I’m talking about” or “what’s up mama!”.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your stories PDX Drifter, stay warm out there.

  2. beautiful fish and gorgeous river. fail to see what he brought the net for?

  3. I bet he forgot and lost that net that day.

  4. Before they take the video, he was supposed to carry all time, but he forgot in the beginning. But that's OK, overall video came out really nice.