4,000 Dead Birds Drop From the Sky

Very strange and disturbing news...

excerpts from NYT:

"About 10 p.m. Friday, thousands of red-winged blackbirds began falling out of the sky over a town about 35 miles northeast of Little Rock. They landed on roofs, roads, front lawns and backyards, turning the ground nearly black and scaring anyone who happened to be outside.

Samples have been sent to labs, one in Arkansas, the other in Wisconsin. For now, state officials are speculating that the birds may have died as a result of stress, startled by fireworks in the area, or perhaps by lightning. But, Mr. Stephens acknowledged that the cause may never be known.

One thing is almost certain: the bird drop is not related to the 83,000 fish that died a few days earlier in the western part of the state, the biggest fish kill in Arkansas that anyone can remember. In that case, the victims were almost all drum, and almost all younger ones. That suggests the culprit was disease."