Trout pond at -20C.

Joon, Ksanchun, & I took a morning off to visit a local trout pond in Seoul to see some winter trout. As expected the -20C temperatures with the wind chill made fishing pretty challenging. Even with the water stirring paddle going full blast, the water was starting to freeze heavily at the edges – which kept the trout pond employees busy breaking the ice with long wooden sticks. The fishing was slow at the beginning of the morning (except for Ksanchun who had some secret fly and was pounding them) but picked up towards lunchtime. There was some big trout in this pond, a mix of rainbows, salmon, and a few palomino trout. The food always tastes super good, after standing around in freezing temperatures with friends. We quit after lunch since pounding on these big fish gets a little boring after a while. By then Joon had figured out the fly that all of these fish seemed to like (white egg with a little orange marabou). The trout pond isn’t something we enjoy a whole lot, but it sure beats sitting around in a bar talking about catching trout… which is how we ended up at the trout pond from the night before.

꽁꽁 얼어붙은 날에, 형들과 낚시터를 다녀왔다. 맛있는 소머리국밥 으로 시작된 하루… 너무 즐거운 시간 이였다. 그동안 경험이 쌓여서인지, 옷도 제대로 입고나와 추위도 잊고 (나단형은 옷을 6겹을 입었다고 한다) , 하루종일 웃다 왔다. 제준이형이 발견한 하얀에그에 주황색마라부 달린 플라이…무지하게 잘 문다. 얼음 깨느라고 열심히 일하는 아저씨들…날이 춥기는 추운가보다.


  1. looks nice. i love your hat by the way.

  2. yes, I bought the hat directly from Goofy. Although very brief, it was good seeing you Lee. See you again soon bro.

  3. 윤호씨, 조나단
    오랜만에 함께 낚시했네요.

    그날 유정리 가면서 나눴던 이야기들과
    미소, 그리고 서로를 배려하는 얼굴들
    많은 것들이 떠오릅니다.

    덕분에 즐겁게 낚시했습니다.

  4. It was great day of friendship and winter fishing. 우리가 겨울들어 너무 오랜만에 같이 낚시가서 그런지 너무 웃기고 즐거운 하루였던 것 같다. 곧 다시 계곡에서 만나기를 약속하고 헤어짐이 아쉬웠던 날이였어.

  5. With all this snow, I miss the trout pond. Damn it, I just miss watching running water.