Trial and Error

As per GF's previous post, I've been working on landing net projects to ease my cabin fever due to my back problem.

It's been trial and error with one particular detail which required resin casting. The bubbling effect due to chemical reaction is something I couldn't figure out so I ended up putting my name in chinese character.


  1. I can't say I tied the fly because it was literally scuplted and pasted with foams and turkey biots. Looks realistic after painting it with gold paint and sharpie magic pen which I'm sure caused the explosion bubble effect.

  2. Charles, you should have fire place going and take a photo of those nets. One of these days we all should gather at one place in the winter have a craft session while cooking sweet potato on the fire.

  3. Ksanchun, that sounds great! I think I got a boner just thinking about it.