greetings from an old friend.

I received a holidays greetings from an old friend in Texas and I was glad to find a STLHD sticker in there. I was glad because I was worried that my friend had completely abandoned his fishing. See, this friend is one of the guys who encouraged me into fly fishing some years ago, telling me brief but enticing stories about fishing in Alaska (where he is from). I sometimes see friends put away their fishing rods for a long time, sometimes for good, and it’s a strange thing to think about. I guess the hustle in our life can & will do that, but sometimes one just loses interest for one reason or another. I guess it’s strange for me to think about because it’s a hard thing to imagine (not fishing for good). It's one of those silly things, my own barometer of how friends are doing – when I hear about their fishing. Anyways, finding a fishing sticker assures me that my friend is doing well.

* you have a beautiful family, blessed.

going forward, I'm going to make an effort to write in both languages. Not a direct translation, but close enough:

오랜만에 친구에게 연말 안부 카드를 받았습니다. 그냥 봐도 반갑지만, 그 안에 낚시 스티커가 있어 더 반가웠습니다. 꼭 그렇지는 않지만, 나는 친구들이 낚시 관련해 뭐를 하는지를 얘기들으면, 왠지 그것이 그친구에 전반적인 상태를 읽을수 있는듯 합니다. 낚시를 많이 하는것이 꼭 좋은것은 아닙니다, 가끔은 스트레스가 많아서 그럴수도 있으니까요. 하지만, 그래도 그런 얘기를 하면서 서로에 안부도 듣고, 같이 나눌수 있다는것이 참 감사할 일입니다.

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