Two Faces of the Creek:

I recently had a chance to drive through the creek area and had to stop in to see if there is any good spot to fish for an hour or two. I remember how it was about two months ago and now, I see totally different scenery. I realized that the creek has two different faces one in winter and one in non-winter. Even if I couldn’t do much of fishing, I loved how it looked decorated with ice on the rock and on the water.


  1. Things we do in anticipation of fishing is down right silly to most but we do what we have to do...

  2. I like this face for about 5minute, than I miss the non winter face. Speaking of ice, check out below link:

  3. There are a lot of creeks like that here. In the spring, when the snowpack melts, they rage. By late summer they are down to a trickle. Then when The fall rains come, they pick up again.
    I like seeing them when they are low, because you notice certain features and structure. When the water's up, knowing what lies below can be very helpful.
    The salmon and steelhead will even pool up out in the ocean waiting for the rivers to rise. A good rain can produce a good run. The seasoned fishermen watch the river gauges and know when to hit the rivers at the right height and tide.