The Giant Mayfly

We’re going to need some bigger hooks to tie imitations of these mayflies… they are like small birds. Great video. I love the 0:52 scene. I wonder if there is anywhere in the US that has mayflies this big, I’d love to see them.


  1. they are closer than you think. but i tried for four years to meet them and did not succeed.

  2. I'll let you know if I find any this spring.

  3. Sorry to butt in, but I saw this post and though I would add my two cents... I think those are Hexagenia Limbata mayflies. They hatch at dusk and their lifecycle is through the night which is why they go almost entirely unnoticed most places. A buddy of mine lived out in Michigan to do stream research and fished the hex hatch. Its usually in June or early July from what I understand. I really hope I get to see one of these bad boys sometime.


  4. Hello James, and thanks for the response and the information on the Hexagenia Limbata mayflies. I’ve asked a few people about such a hatch but found very little information – perhaps because they go unnoticed or perhaps because it’s a closely guarded secret. It makes it that much more interesting to find a hatch, and I’ll be looking starting this summer.

    So you’re headed off to the land of the morning clam… it won’t be Montana, but there is good fly fishing there and there are good people to fish with. If you haven’t already, check out this site: It will give you a good perspective of what to expect in terms of fishing and outdoors there. Life will be different there, some things good and some things not so easy, but then again, you’re a guy who was headed to Sub-Saharan Africa…you’ll just need to get used to the traffic there. I wish you good luck James, stay in touch from time to time.