‘Bang-Goo’-ing … inside my waders.

Actions & consequences …

As I walked the peaceful creek, I feel a trembling brewing inside my core. I break the silence and boldly play the butt trumpet … I momentarily worry about the airtight situation below, but too late, just let it rip. As I continue walking upstream, I execute the standard wader fart ventilation procedure (pumping air motion at the chest part of the wader), and I’m pleasantly surprised at the mildness of the situation. I’m thinking … “I guess them atomic hash (hamburger, boiled eggs, cabbage, refried beans) & devil’s spit chili combo wasn’t so bad after all”.

I cast & find a beautiful brook trout at the end of my line and as I crouch down to net it, out of nowhere, a second woof shoots up into my nostrils. This time it’s more potent. I look down and realize that the wader belt acted as a air lock, trapping much of this fantastic gas below the waist line. Confusion steals the beautiful moment, and I can’t even really remember how the fish was released. I undo the belt and do several squats to release the rest of this full toned and profound gas. With each squat, there’s a small reminder to take it easy on the chili next time. I put the belt back on, and continue on. An ancient proverb comes to mind ... farting is your ass's way of saying "hi" when you forget it's there…

I reach a deeper pool and I fish it methodically. As I cross the waist deep pool to the other side, the water pressure neatly squeezes out the remaining air from ankle & knee portion of the wader … a lighter memory of the cheese, brushes past my nose. It’s very subtle but undeniable. I stand inside the water for a moment, hoping the pressure squeezes all of it out … in fact I do a mini squat in the water just to make sure. At this point, I'm amazed at the situation, the tenacity of my own bang-goo.

There’s no real lesson in this, I’m just sharing my fond memory of a moment on the creek. Have a wonderful day.

*Bang-Goo also means "good afternoon" in Korean. Use it the next time you see a Korean person.

wader 안에서 방구...뭐라고 말로하기 거시기한, 특이한 경험 입니다. 오래 갑니다.


  1. another tick in the I don't wear a wader belt column!
    And a good bang goo to you.