the teacher.

It didn’t take long for mrlee to start making his mark in the angling circles in Korea. From what they are saying, seems like he made quite an impression with his recent class. I’ll make a bet that we’ll see mrlee with his own fly fishing show on the Korea fishing channels within next year. There are many who know how to fish, but only a few that can teach it well and make it so interesting.

Here are some comments from the students & more photos from mrlee's class.

” as a beginner fly fisherman I am learning a lot of things but this class was the best experience. With the cold weather I was skeptical of stepping into the water, but with the teacher’s gentle ”push” and encouragement into the water, I was able to experience the joy of a winter catch.”

“ I am grateful to teacher Robinson for teaching us such useful nymph fishing, the one on one instructions was so helpful, thank you”

“before heading down the creek, Mr. Robinson’s detailed explanation on tactics & strategy (on his iPad) was very useful. It made me wish that I had a chance to learn from such instructor when I was starting fishing. Concise, to the point, and extremely useful class. From theory to demonstrations, a true professional at work.”

“I can’t believe I missed such a great class, I’ve heard how informative and relaxing the class was – please let us know that there is another class coming up”


  1. When you are good you are good no matter where you are!

  2. How about have this kind of class in Taiwan next time?!

  3. Hank....when I come to taiwan I hope you will be the teacher, or at least the guide.

    Thank you so much to Eun Nu at Rainbow for the opportunity and Ksanchun for, well, everything.

    I realize that moving here from the states the thing I will miss the most was my former interaction with people on the water. I have to say the experience i had with the korean students was miles ahead of the usual crowd i taught at Orvis. I am transitioning into the corporate life but know that someday I will come back to teaching outside!

    Can't wait to go fishing with you all next year.

  4. Soboro & I'll be everyone's teachers in the karaoke/KTV, after fishing. I'm a pro there & Soboro is considered a local legend … I think I need a drink.

  5. Now I'm really considering we should have a meeting for the members of FSAC next year!!!
    May be in Seoul or in Taipei.
    No matter where is the location, we should do this!!