One last visit to Milwaukee River.

With the temperatures dropping and more snow on the way, I wanted to visit Milwaukee River one last time this year. It was a cold day, and I’m pretty sure the temperature in the water was warmer than standing outside. The most of the edges had ice and in some areas, entire sections were iced off. I know some people still manage to catch fish in conditions like this, but I didn’t see any fish and did not hook up with anything. It was just nice (and cold) being out here one last time. When the water ripples below edges of ice, it looks like a trout running off and this caught my attention several times. Even after I knew it was water, it was still pleasant to watch that. Stanley's Ice Off Paste by Loon Outdoors works well, it doesn't actually keep ice from forming, but it does make it a whole lot easier to get the ice off when it forms, I like it. I laced my boots slightly loose this time, so even after they were frozen, I managed to get them off. The waders stood there frozen. I stopped earlier than planned and stopped by the Jelly Belly factory & store to pick up a few jelly bean candies for my trout, jelly beans makes everyone happy. Time to hit the tying bench for a while.

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  1. It is always nice to be out there. one of these days though I will catch large lenok under that icy water. My mentor told me that you can catch really large fish in the cold weather. That is one of my motivations to be out there.