heart of glass.

I’ve been hovering around fiberglass fly rod information, blogs, products for a few months and finally decided to buy my first glass rod. I chose the Hardy 7’ – 3wt, “The Stream” as my first glass rod and I like the buttery smooth way it casts. It’s slow, it’s delicate, and I’ll be able to feel the gills of the fish move when it’s on the line. I am sold on glass rods, I love it. Thomas & Thomas, Scott, South Fork Rod Co., FH Paddock Fly Rods, Tom Morgan Rodsmith, and few others are making fine glass rods … damn it, and I thought I was done with buying fly rods…


  1. 미친놈이라니요.
    내가 보기엔 바람직하고
    보기도 좋구먼....ㅋㅋ

  2. I fished a lodge owners glass rod on a real bushy section of the costilla river in New Mexico last summer with my wife. I liked that you could pick up the line and punch it back down with force on the water and get a nice layout. I tried one other time to use a glass rod of a friends on a long pool. I think in my head I was waiting for the rod to load and couldnt get the cast right. When I fished the lodge owners rod I realized it was better to put some more force in the rod. I like slow rods(graphite ones) but the glass was a different animal altogether. Enjoy!

  3. That's right baby, we need those cool things to get energized!

  4. mrlee, I was down at Orvis today and they were asking how you were, and about the coming baby. You’ll have to show me how to properly cast this thing on a nice spring day, in the back woods of Kangwon-do.