being in touch with yourself

A mean blizzard passed through the northeastern area and snow accumulation is up to 30+ inches in certain areas.

We couldn't go to work today so I had a chance to finish the landing net I've been working on.

mrlee once mentioned that the flyfishing experience brings back one to its root of ingenuity. I guess that particular experience is something I cherish the most of the sport.

As I said before, thank you all for letting me become a part of this great experience.


  1. If that's the case, let is snow, let it snow.

  2. 왜그럴까...눈만오면 조지아가 생각난다. 그리로 함 땡기자.

  3. 켄트 한테 이번주에 연락할 예정임

  4. Those net came out very nice Charles. Sepacially, weaving net is not easy I heard. Did you figure that out yourself? Rainbow shop also trying to weave some nets in near future: Someone who knows is going to teach how to do that.

  5. My girlfriend knows how to weave the nets!!!
    It's not difficult, but needs lot's of patience.

  6. I wish I have the time to weave anything... Instead, I've purchased net material and sewn it together. Came out better than I expected.