if you’re lucky enough to fish, then you’re lucky enough…

2010 is almost over, and as I look back at this year – I find a mixed bag of emotions. There are always things I wished I did different, things I wish I did more of, and of course things I should have done less of. There’s been changes I made happen, changes I was fortunate to be part of, and some changes that was forced upon me. Whatever the year was, I am left with a deep sense of gratitude, thankful for all the fortune I have around me. I am thankful for a wonderful family, a home to sleep in, and small group of close friends I am proud to know. In this race for more and more, it’s easy to forget all the wonderful blessings we already have around us. When I think about fishing, I feel so lucky to have visited & stood in different places I would have never experienced, had I not been fishing. Different from other years, I am starting to see that what makes a place memorable is not necessarily the grand slam, honey hole spot where a lot of fish can be found. Sometimes the non significant path we travel to get to the fishing point is what makes the place beautiful and that alone is significant. Some fishing days are better than others, and some days we wish we had more days to fish. Whatever the fishing days end up to be, when we think about all that is happening in this world, it’s hard not to feel lucky that we’re fishing at all.

So here’s to being lucky, and being thankful for that luck. Happy New Year dear friends.


  1. happy new year,

    윤호씨 메일 받고,
    메일 보냈어요.


  2. It feels great to be part of all this. Happy New Year!