As I am closing this year:

As I am closing this year, I am in a thanking mode. I said this many times, but I like to thank again to my friend YH who introduce fly fishing to me, I also like to thank all of my angler mentors who taught me how to do better fly fishing and be better fly fisher, I like to thank to angler friends who share memorable stories, and finally I like to thank my wife and baby Hayden for letting me go fishing together on weekends.


  1. i also thank mrs. ksanchun and hayden for letting ksanchun fish with me every now and then.

  2. 누가 알려줬는데,

    열목어와 산천어가 같이
    살고 있는 계곡이 있는데,

    내년에 거기 가보려구요.

    물론 숨겨진 포인트죠...ㅋㅋ

  3. here's to Mrs. Ksanchun! behind every great man there is usually an even greater woman.

  4. 그날 그 계곡에서 물에 빠지고
    넘어지고 했지만, 나름 재미있고
    의미있었던 하루였습니다.

    함께했던 그날은 앞으로도 멋진
    추억이되어 저를 웃게만들겠지요.

    은영씨와 민주 마이 귀엽고 보기
    좋은데요. 민주가 건강하고 이쁘게
    자라기를 바랄께요....ㅎㅎ

    소보로님도 이제 플라이피셔의 포스가
    강하게 느껴집니다...ㅎㅎ

  5. This group is so full of love, big group hug.