TenkaraUSA go!go!

Whether you are a fan of tenkara style fishing or not, it’s easy to agree that TenkaraUSA is doing a great job as a company & alternative voice in fishing. I bought my first tenkara rod from TenkaraUSA when it first came out, and I enjoy it greatly from time to time… I think the only thing that’s keeping me from not using more often is that I’m a beginner fly fisherman and learning with rod & reel is still keeping me busy. Still when I get the chance, there is nothing like fishing with a tenkara rod. Everyone talks about the pureness and simplicity of tenkara fishing (and I agree) but for me the real joy is when you have a fish on. Maneuvering the long & flexible rod to land the fish feels so great, and completely different from fly fishing. I know many people think that tenkara fishing has a lot limitations in terms of size of fish you can catch, but if you look into it, you’ll discover that people catch huge fish all the time in Japan with this style of fishing (huge doesn’t mean tarpon sized – huge relative to creek & river fishing). I remember the nice lenok I caught some time ago on tenkara rod...

Anyways, I got a mailer today from TenkaraUSA and it was a sticker, postcard, and some Tenkara ambassador cards. It was the nicest mailer I received from any fishing company, something I’ll actually keep.

Thanks for the nice mailer TenkaraUSA, I am looking at the new products on your site, can’t wait to order some of them. Definately have to try some of that tea. go!go!


  1. what, you guys are not loving Tenkara? Just wait till you catch a fish with this thing, you'll love it.

  2. I like the presentation (design).