skunked good...

9 hours of driving, 2 slips, leaky waders, and no fish. The river said "in yo face fool, you got skunked!" I ask myself, was it worth it? I say hell yes.

Oh one more thing, my spey cast sucks to begin with, but it sucked major with lots of wind. That fly hit my head more than once today - I'm just glad it didn't stick.


  1. ya. I just got skunked at a stocked pond.

  2. I guess indicator fishing on spey rod is frowned upon from spey crowd. I was doing it this day...

    Damn it, I still like to see that indicator go down so much. Maybe that was why my casts were even worse.

  3. The spey guys out here live for the "tug". I guess it's more addictive than watching the indicator disappear.
    The guys on this site have a lot of info on spey:
    And don't forget local legend John Hazel of the Deschutes Angler: