Ice shanty and the Northern culture.

Until I got to the Mid West, I had a pretty simplistic view of ice fishing. The ice fishing I knew were what I knew from Korea, people catching “bing-uh” which translates into ice-fish. A small minnow sized fish which is valued for its taste, but nothing of a fight. Occasionally I would hear of people catching larger trout but it was rare. Since I’ve move to the Mid West, the excellent fly fishing in Wisconsin & bass fishing in Illinois had me fully occupied, until recently I had an opportunity to go out ice fishing. As I look into the unique culture here in the North, I am fascinated by all the gear & set ups that is related with this seasonal sport. The concept of what seems like entire towns that appear on top of the ice for a few months, then disappear again till the next ice season is pretty cool. I have heard that it is even more elaborate up further north in Canada. I was at the Bass Pro Shop today and to my surprise found myself spending a lot of time in the ice fishing section. I almost bought the propane powered ice auger but decided to give it another try before I start committing to a whole new set of equipment. I’d love to build an ice shanty, even just for the fun of it. It’s like a tree house you can tote around on the ice. There is something definitely cool about this whole culture and the people that create it. Here are some fun, elaborate, and different ice shanties I found on the internet.

Something I now like to hear .... “FLAAAGGGG!!!”

미국에 얼음 낚시 문화, 정말 화려 합니다. 얼마전 저도 다녀 왔는데, 왜 그렇게 사람들이 좋아하는지, 대충 이해가 가더군요.

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  1. I heard about all those fancy setup, but seeing these images makes me laugh. After all, it isn't too bad to spend some time on the ice.