Friends got together for pond fishing:

Leaving everyday life behind, mrlee, soboro, and I went to pond fishing past weekend. The weather got much warmer, but we still felt the bone chilling cold when we were standing for a few hours next to water. We had slow start, but with friend’s helpful tip and a cup of mrlee's warm coffee to warm up, we were able to enjoy our time catching a few healthy rainbows. As expected, soboro showed to everyone that he was a king of the pond.


  1. wow - that's the most people I've seen at YuJung! You must have arrived early, Soboro is standing in the sweet spot there, nice. Superbowl today, go Packers!

  2. 앗... soboro님이 저수지의 거시기라고..
    ㅋㅋ... 거기서 30마리 못잡으믄...에...
    거시기되는데 왜냐믄 거기가 진짜 sweet spot...ㅋㅋ

    soboro님 오랜만입니다.

  3. correction-you are the kings of the pond and I am your humble vassal.