Ice fishing - so this is why they do it.

Our Northern Illinois fishing buddies finally got together for some overdue hard water fishing on Niemi residence at Paddock Lake. David and I am beginners at this, and this was literally our first time ice fishing. Our guide & expert was Ross, and this was his second time ice fishing. We had several tip-ups, a couple of rods, and plenty of beer. All bundled up, we walked out onto the lake. We assumed it would be kinda tough walking through the recent 2 feet of snow, and boy were we right. There was a lot of action on the lake with the fishing derby and it was pretty exciting to see all the ice shanties and tents up…my guess is that there was at least 50+ anglers out there. Ross had some inside info from his neighbors and he guided us to the productive spot. We drilled through the 15” of ice with the augers and for a beginner like me, this was pretty exciting. Just the concept of walking to a spot, drilling a fishing hole, and kicking back on a chair & catching fish from the hole is fantastic...all with the beer can handy.

We picked up some 4” shiners at the bait shop and I had some wax worms to jig with. We walked out mid morning so the hot fishing action was over by then, but it was such a beautiful day, we were just happy to be out there. We set the tip ups here and there, and sat in a circle and cracked out the beers. There were pro fishermen around that’s been there since yesterday in their shanties and they gave us the update on the derby. A few small blue gills and perch came up on the wax worm jig, but it was kind of humiliating because our bait fish on the tip ups were bigger. After a short while, the “shot man” from the derby came by in his snow mobile to give us a shots of some good stuff. As I sat back in the chair with the warm winter sun in my face & cold brew in my hands, I thought – so this is why they do it … I should do this from time to time.

Jill, Ethan, and the family swung by to say hello and dropped off more beer. Ethan all bundled up and sitting on the carrier chair on mom’s back looked so cute. Liz helped me pull up a small blue gill and that was fun. As we sat there for a while longer, we discussed the pros and cons of a full shanty vs. a folding tent type, and where one would keep it if we got one. We didn‘t have luck on this day to hook into a big northern or a bass, but we did watch the next tip-up just to the left of us, pull out a nice northern. We finished off the day with some delicious chili & beer bread Jill cooked (thank you so much Jill!). I can’t think of any better way to spend a beautiful winter day.


  1. i guess you are becoming a true midwesterner. whatever happened to someone who said "오야 아이쓰 피싱 하지마 빠지면 클라...약속해 않할거라고"

  2. I think I am, and I like it.

    같이 시간 보내는것이 의미 있는거지뭐. 생각해봐라, 우리가 근처에 같이 살면 얼음낚시뿐이겠냐...사냥서 부터 있는 낚시는 아마 다하고 있겠지. 장비란 장비는 다 사고 말이야...ㅋㅋ. 허리 빨리 나아라, 곧 봄이다.

  3. ㅎㅎ 미국 저수지 낚시가 한국 보다
    훨 ... 재밋네요....ㅋㅋ

  4. It sounds much more fun doing ice fihsing with bunch of friends drinking beer and sharing warm home made food: It doesn't seem that cold on ice. 윤호가 저렇게 즐거운 모습을해도 우리랑 저수지 가서 송어 잡는 걸 조금 더 좋아할거에요.

  5. 당근이지, 형들이랑 낚시하는것보다 재미 있을수는 없지. 난 낚시 하면서도, "그래, 이렇게 하는거군아, 잘 배워둬서 다음에 형들이랑 해야지" 하고 생각 했어.

    내가 형들에게 하고 싶은 부탁은 - 우리 주로 플라이를 하지만, 이런 저런 다른 낚시도 다 해보자 (완전히 거시기 한것만 빼고. 예: 훌치기, 투망, 망치, 전기). 모든 낚시는 다 나름대로 재미가 있는것 같아. 휴-...님프도 잘 않쓰는 형들 설득 하려면 내가 오래 얘기해야 겠다... 그렇다고 포기할 내가 아니지만 ㅋㅋ.


  6. You're just jealous because you paid a fortune for your guns.

  7. au contraire, I'm just glad that there are shit load of truck driving, gun toting, beer drinking and fish loving fellow americans I can relate to.