NW Chronicles: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Moving is always hard, but it is with special difficulty I say goodbye to the dozens of great rivers and streams I’ve enjoyed here in Oregon for the past three years.

If fishing is a drug, Oregon has either been a pharmacy or a crack house. I feel somewhat bewildered to have been able to spend almost every weekend exploring new water, watching familiar stretches change with the seasons, seeing cyclical hatches, and getting to land some amazing trout. It’s hard to explain how fresh the air can be in these giant, breathing evergreen forests or how clear the water can be in the spring-fed mountain streams.

I spent a day last weekend giving a final shot at a coastal winter steelhead. The bite was off, but I got see a few of these monsters and admire their speed, size, and strength. Like every other day fishing here, just being out on the water surrounded by trees was a gift.

The wife and I are packing it up and heading to the land of hockey, moose, and universal healthcare: the great city of Toronto, Canada. I already have some leads about brownies on the Grand River and Lake Ontario steelhead....

Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s also good to be excited to once again about exploring new water with new tactics and meeting a few new fish. If any of you FSAs have tips on Ontario drop me a line. Until then...

Have fun in life and fish.


  1. PDX Drifter, thank you for all the stories on the NW Chronicles, it’s truly been a pleasure reading them. I guess if I ever need the keys to Oregon rivers, I’ll know where to ask. Safe journey and once you settle in, we hope to read about what you discover there (NE Chronicles?). After all, you are moving to one of the wildest, open, and richest countries in the world.

  2. Good luck and hope you would find wonderful places to make you forget about good old Oregon rivers.