Love winter but I'm ready for spring...

As much as I love winter, I am ready for spring. My fly boxes are bursting out with flies and I sit and worry that I will never really use all of these flies. I guess this is why experienced anglers start giving boxes of flies away as gifts...or in my case, the inexperienced angler who tied too many flies.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope there is a little fishing in your is generally better with it. Have a good weekend.


  1. Hey,

    My name is James and I am just doing some pre-relocation homework on the trout and fly fishing possibilities in Korea. In my search I came across your blog and was just wondering where in Korea you are located/if you know whether there is a group of people that go fly fishing in the general Seoul area? I am going to be moving the the city of Guri (bordering Seoul to the east) in a week to teach English and really wanna do some fly fishing and camping while I am living there.

    Thanks for all your posts and work that you have put into the blog. I am definitely going to check out the fly shops you mentioned.

    Warm Regards,
    James Broom

  2. Hello James, I mentioned it in the response to you in the Giant Mayfly entry, but check out to get overview of situation in Korea. I live in northern Illinois but many of the other writers on this blog are located in Korea and Asia.

    About shops & guide service: There are a few shops that provide guide service but keep in mind that the standard guide service is a different system from the US. The standard service is approx. 90,000won and is basically a shuttle service takes you to the waters, drops people off and picks them up later in sequence. Each shop has it’s scheduled days when they go out. Usually lunch is part of the deal. The one-on-one guide service that is similar to the US will run you approx 350,000won ($320) and requires prior reservation. The best way to meet people is the shuttle service, as usually there are 4-5 people in a trip. There are some private fishing clubs & fishing clubs that are part of the shops. Mr. Park at Prince Tackle is very comfortable with English and is a good person to know. Keep an open mind, and I hope you’ll enjoy your time there.

    Stay in touch from time to time on this blog, and let us know how things go. Good luck.

  3. GF,

    Thanks for the info on guide services... I will definitely find my way to that bus guide service... sounds like a great way to get connected with other fly fisherman. I will definitely keep in touch throughout my time in Korea. Thanks again.


  4. James,
    My name is Mr. Lee on this blog. I recently moved to Seoul and Gone Fishin is a friend from the states. There are great fishing opportunities here! I really recommend going with Eun Nu at rainbow. The cost is a fraction of what you would pay in the states or canada and the service is excellent. I will be going on many trips with her this spring. Also if you ever want to split the price of a rental car and go on an over night lets make a plan. You can p.m. through the blog or find me on facebook by searching lee robinson seoul. Welcome to Korea!

  5. Lee - Jonathan can point you to a few good spots that is easy to navigate to by car. Since the GPS is super detailed there, it will get you to the exact points. There is a few you must go to for cherry & lenok: NaerinCheon, DuckPoongValley, JinDong, & OshipCheon. And you have to go to SamTan & Jisuri in the summer for the most aggressive carp you'll ever see. They strike hard on top water flies, like a trout.

    Try not to catch every fish, save a few for me to catch.

  6. Mr. Lee,

    The car rental idea sounds great to me, I am all for the idea of just exploring around. I will be getting to Korea this coming Sunday and look forward to getting into contact with you. Also, I don't know if Eun Nu does like a lower rate for groups, but I would most definitely be in for a day on the water with her and you if you want to. I am going to be teaching English in the Seoul area (Guri) so I will most likely just be free on weekends. Let me know your thoughts. I can't wait to see a cherry trout in person, they look gorgeous. Thanks for all your postings on this blog, they got me super excited to fly fish in a new land.


  7. 윤호씨 한국에 올 때
    그 훅박스 갖고 오세요.

    그 훅박스 들고 계곡에
    같이 갑시다....ㅎㅎ

    올 봄엔 훅 안만들어도 되것네...ㅋㅋ