Fishing in Georgia

During the last week's class, while we were waiting for our final varnishing to be dried with our rod, we had a couple of hours to fish in Toccoa river.

Something funny happened to me on the way to fish. I mean we all get excited to certain point when you are in transit to go fishing but the jittery feeling I had at the time was way too intense. I guess all that intense rod building escalated the emotion. After all, we were spending crazy amount of effort ultimately to catch fish...

Randy, Steve and Tom gearing up.

Feel like that more often than not these days...

Tom with his restored antique bamboo rod.

Steve with a trout at the end of his line


  1. it's been so long since I fished, that bump and rattle at the end of the line seems like something I've read a long time ago. Scars from hard work of building rods... nice sight.

  2. 멋있지? 머싯찌? 머씨이찌~~? Who would of thought building a fishing rod could bring a joy. Lets do some fishing before you leave.

  3. ohhhhh. so sweet. like a georgia peach

  4. 아주 멋지네요.
    아름다운 강과 브라운트라웃


    한국에도 이제 계곡에 갈 수 있는
    시즌이 왔어요.


  5. 신박사님, 좋은 사진들 부탁드려요...