My first bamboo rods

Please allow to me gloat over my new bamboo rods...

One on the left is one I've made at the Oyster Bamboo Rod class and one on the right is the one Bill Oyster made for me.


  1. rich lucky bastard. man how good it will feel to catch a fish on a bamboo rod you built yourself. Looking forward to your report on that.

  2. No my friend. Childless is the key. Dump your kids, and join the club!

  3. very nice. now you should get one for fishing and not just oysters

  4. You made that bamboo rods?
    I loved it the minute I saw it.

    It sounds as if you've done quite well for yourself. Congratulations.

    Great !
    Well done.

    I'd like to see it ... ㅎㅎ

  5. Thanks Joon, it took a lot of effort and i am very proud of my rods. I would love to fish in korea with these rods someday...