bamboo rod class: final day

I am having hard time trying to describe what my experience was like for the last six days. Yes, I'm super excited the fact that I have a beautiful bamboo rod which I made with my own hand but the real excitement I think came from the people i've met through this class. I will write about it in detail when i get back but for now I'm at my motel room trying to absorb all the good things that happened during my stay.

Riley burnt some midnight oil to varnish our rods.

Vanishing process, Bill Oyster Style!

Second coat of varnish and our signature had been added.

Ken's signature should read "Mac Daddy"


Graduation dinner Shannen prepared at their beautiful home. Good food, good people and good time....


  1. Man,
    I never thought one can build his/her bamboo rod in one week on his/her first attempt!! I hope I can make some available time and also money to take the bamboo rod making course.
    Really great photos and thanks for the sharing.
    By the way, every one in this class did the model of bamboo rod? I mean the length, the rod wt? or you can decide how long or how heavy you want to make.

  2. Hank, it was a intense course. We put in about 10 hours a day. More than anything, Bill Oyster who is an owner and instructor is an amazing teacher made this possible. everyone get to choose what rod to build. I met a guy who attended six courses... Our club members should attend this course together someday.

  3. We should, definitely.
    By the way, how much this kind of one week course costs??

    1. about $1600 but you will realize at the end of the class that its worth every penny.

    2. about $1600 but you will realize at the end of the class that its worth every penny.

  4. After that experience, would you consider setting up a shop to build your own bamboo rods OR continue to purchase rods made by others?

    In either case, I imagine you have a deeper appreciation for the bamboo rods you buy.

    You've done it, you build some boats, some landing nets, and now a fine rod. Only thing left is to weave some silk for line. I respect your energy & passion.

  5. Yes, I will continue with this new hobby but I will start out light as there are so many tools to buy and knowledge to obtain before you can setup your bamboo rod workshop. I'm thinking about getting some cheap bamboo blanks to start and at least get used to ferrule attachment and wrapping and varnishing process first and eventually move towards to a full blown shop...

    You back from China?

  6. One bamboo rod builder was saying that he makes several blanks first then makes note of each to see the results. That way, you understand the process and resuly better than just building one full rod at a time.

  7. ksanchun, that makes sense...if you are unemployed :P