bamboo rod class: day4

This trip is turning into the experience to remember. Not only I'm learning something new to build but the whole new cultural experience as well. The people I've met through this class has something wonderful to share and it has been very exciting as well as educational for me...

Today, our canes morphed into " almost fly rods" after the painstaking works.

Binded, glued, and baked rod.

Sanding and more Sanding...

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Attaching ferrule

Ferrule is glued on.

Practicing the "separation"

Stacking up cork rings for your grip.

Shaping of grip.

My "George the Asian cowboy" cigar style handle (don't ask)

Ken the mac daddy here graciously invited us for dinner to his very intriguing and beautiful self sustainable comune and treat us with an wonderful food and fellowship.

One of artwork from Ken's house.


  1. You guys must be working real hard: I see the result faster than I thoght, how exciting.

  2. damn sweet. You really are a true fisherman amonst us. We'll have to sit over many beers someday soon to hear about the details. Thanks foir the inspiration man,

  3. Seriously, this trip I will remember and cherish. I have some stories to share with you. We should have our club meeting here one day.