Korean Fly Shops Series # 3. Trout

Rainbow is the first fly shop that I visited in Korea, about two years ago. ( Rainbow is undoubtedly the most refined fly shop in Korea, specializing in Cherry & Manchurian Trout. As one of the oldest fly shops, it has a experienced client base , made up of both Korean and Japanese anglers. They seem to specialize mostly in the Kangwon region, where the trout are, and have trips 2-3 times per week. They are a licensed Sage Rod dealer (the only one in Korea) and also seems focused on Simms apparels. Rainbow is not limited to small creeks, but that is definitely their speciality and I have found no other fly shop that seems to know the Kangwon creeks better. The shop is small but fully loaded with everything you need to fish small creek trout, and they also regularly hold tying classes. The shop is closely related with the fly fishing club Rainbow Fly and share the same website. If you want to catch trout in Korea, Rainbow is the shop to call.

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  1. Yoon Ho,
    could you give the address of Rainbow and other fly shops in Seoul in English?
    I can't find their locations on google map, the words of Korean almost crazy me out!