Finding Treasure:

My club went for fishing to east part of Korea to catch some escaped rainbows from fishing farm which now living in the creek as natural creek fish. Since a lot of vacationing people in the creek and there have been many constructions in the creek, we had to move to third spot to look for fish. This small creek had so much water and no walking space to walk up to the stream for casting. I and my partners had to separate ourselves and try to find the spot neat the casting point each time. Before feeding period, I was so desperate to see any fish at that point since we hadn’t seen any fish over an hour. I positioned myself and looked at one spot that has slow current right behind the rock. Since I noticed that if I cast to there in long casting, I would have experienced too much drag, I decided to somehow drop my fly instead, so it would be almost like skating motion. There I saw black shadow appearing from the bottom of the water like in a second. I was able to catch many yet feisty small cherry trout. This sure was a treasure finding.

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