Korean Fly Shop Series # 4. Prince

I had a chance to stop by Price Fly Shop in Seoul, and it was everything I expected a fly shop in Seoul to be like…stylish, professional, and fully loaded. I met with Mr. Young Park, who is the owner and head guide at Price Fly ( ) and he introduced me to his shop and services his shop provided. Price Fly is probably the most global fly shop in Korea, providing guide services for English, Spanish, and Japanese speaking clients from around the world. Prince Fly carries a full line of apparels, fishing gear, and tying materials. They are special in the sense that they carry not only the high end premium gear, but also gear for the starting angler who wants to try fly fishing without having to pay an arm & a leg (which is unique in Korea where most shops only carry super high end stuff). However, it does not mean Price fly doesn’t carry the best stuff, they are an authorized dealer for fine brands like Sage and Thomas & Thomas. They also carry other fine brands like CF Burkheimer, Cortland, Filson, Rivalley, Varivas, and Little Present. They also carry a full line of fly lines & tying materials and is an authorized dealer for Whiting Farm. They also carried the Korean Lenok brand landing net, which is something I have been looking for a long while (which of course I bought!). Prince Fly guides in all types of waters in Korea, and reservations can be made through their website (which also has a English section). Price Fly is a friendly shop for visiting foreigners, women, and will soon start programs for children. Price fly also has a staff of professional guides who can arrange group or individual trips, tailored to the clients desires. Mr. Park is a veteran fly angler who started fly fishing after reading a Gary Borger book on conservation. He has served as floor leader for Korean Fly Fishing Federation and has previously been an educator of English for many years.

If you are a visitor planning a trip to Korea for work or pleasure, I would definitely get in touch with Prince Fly & Mr. Park to arrange a day out. He plans on creating trips that not only include fly fishing, but cultural trips where visit to the historical temples and fine foods of Korea are part of the trip. Thank you Mr. Park for a great chat and for showing me around the shop!


  1. Looks like an great shop. Thanks for the photos and introduction.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Choi.
    From the first moment, I knew you come from the United States from you Korean intonation.
    I had a nice chat with you and I learned a lot about a new viewpoint of fly fishing of Korea.
    I heatily hope you will visit our Prince shop.
    Keep in touch.

    Young Park.

  3. Mr. Park,
    Thank you for your kindness today. I look forward to staying in close touch and to continuing our discussions on concepts about gear and other topics. You have a great shop and you’ll see me there each time I am in Seoul. Thanks again! Yoonho