fancy gear...treating myself.

I own a lot of fishing gear, but I tend to focus on value for money (mostly because I don’t have much money). Some of my friends joke that their one rod can basically buy all the rods on my wall… which is quite true. It was my birthday couple of months ago, so I treated myself to a fancy rod and my friend gave me a fancy reel as a gift. I loaded the rod with brand new snowbee line, and took it out for a spin. Pricy things have a reason to be pricy, and this stuff was worth it. It casts smooth, it’s responsive, and it just feels great. I was so nervous that I would drop it and scratch it, it held onto it tight the entire time I was out, and made each cast with careful aim. I’ll likely go back to my regular rod and reels on most days, but on some trips, this rod & reel will catch me some pretty fish.

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